October 2013 • Cut Your Grass & Your Costs…McCraw Oil Launches Propane Mower Conversion Program

McCraw Oil is proud to announce the start-up of our new mower conversion department. We can help you to cut grass while saving on fuel costs and promoting a greener environment. Propane conversion for commercial zero turn mowers is a great way to allow landscape professionals, municipalities, schools and anyone with large volume mowing to save big dollars on fuel bills by using affordable, clean burning, efficient propane. McCraw is a certified propane conversion company for many commercial zero turn engines, and we can even help you secure rebates to pay for the majority of the conversion cost. We are a full service propane retailer, and we can handle all of your mower bottle fill needs. Call our Bonham, Texas, office at 903-583-7481 and ask for Lance Davis to schedule a demo.  Visit to learn more.